Sinclair ZX Spectrum ZX-VGA-JOY Interface for VGA Display and Joystick

Item number VAR6588

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Connect your Sinclair ZX Spectrum to ANY monitor with a VGA Input Port!!

No more reliance on old CRT TV's and a far better & more stable image on any modern LCD / LED TV / Monitor that has a Standard VGA Port. To the best of our knowledge the ZX-VGA-JOY Interface will work with every monitor.

There are 7 screen modes:

640 x 480 60Hz
640 x 480 75Hz
640 x 480 85Hz
800 x 600 60Hz

It is NOT a Converter, which means the image is created directly with the signals from the computer and is completely clear without any conversion losses.

ZX-VGA-JOY is compatible with ALL Sinclair and Amstrad ZX Spectrum models (and probably with a number of clones). The interface is simply plugged into the ZX Spectrum expansion port.

The ZX-VGA-JOY interface also has a Kempston Joystick Port and a Power Reset Button. The interface is configured via the built-in software.

The ZX-VGA-JOY includes:

  • Professional stable black case
  • Connections for joystick and USB (for updates)
  • Reset button

There is a manual included in the box.

You will need a regular VGA monitor cable and of course a monitor with a VGA input.