Sinclair ZX Spectrum ZX-VGA-JOY Interface for VGA Display and Joystick

Item number VAR6588

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Connect your Sinclair ZX Spectrum to ANY monitor with a VGA Input Port!!

No more reliance on old CRT TV's and a far better & more stable image on any modern LCD / LED TV / Monitor that has a Standard VGA Port. To the best of our knowledge the ZX-VGA-JOY Interface will work with every monitor.

There are 7 screen modes:

640 x 480 60Hz
640 x 480 75Hz
640 x 480 85Hz
800 x 600 60Hz

It is NOT a Converter, which means the image is created directly with the signals from the computer and is completely clear without any conversion losses.

The interface is simply plugged into the Spectrum expansion port.

The ZX-VGA-JOY interface also has a Kempston Joystick Port and a Power Reset Button. The interface is configured via the built-in software.

The ZX-VGA-JOY includes:

  • Professional stable black case
  • Connections for joystick and USB (for updates)
  • Reset button

There is a manual included in the box.

You will need a regular VGA monitor cable and of course a monitor with a VGA input.