ZX Microdrive

Item number VAR1774

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Sinclair always went a different way than others. In 1982 it was still not decided which mass storage medium will the most sucsessfull. In this time, Sinclair decided to set on a mini tape drive unlike the other producers who favorised the floppy disk. So the Microdrive was born. Due to its price it was attractive at the start, but soon users got disappointed because the cartridges are no safe medium for the data storage. So later when Floppy drives went cheaper, the Spectrum users moved on and bought Floppy interfaces from 3rd Party producers. Sinclair missed the business with mass storage and this is another reason why Sinclair didn´t suceed at the end.

Nowadays this is a collector item and it is really a retro-feeling to see the small cartridges loading in the Microdrive.To connect a Microdrive to the Spectrum you need first the Interface 1. With a special connector lead you can then connect a Microdrive to the Interface 1. To connect another drive you need a special connector between first drive and second drive. Up to 8 drives can be connected by this way.

This Microdrive is of course fully tested and working. With its small dimensions it looks very good with the Spectrum.

In our shop we offer also Interface 1, the connectors, the manual for Interface 1 and Microdrive, Cartridges and even some software produced for the Microdrive.

Any questions do not hesitate to write us.

ZX Microdrive, Bandlaufwerk für ZX Spectrum (wird via Interface 1 angeschlossen). Getestet und einwandfrei.