Videomodulator +2A/+3

Item number VAR2185

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Unfortunately the Spectrum +2A and +3 do not have a Video-Out at RGB-Port, like the 128k Spectrum. Modern TV´s do not work anymore with the RGB-Signal of the Spectrum, but using the Video-Signal would allow the Spectrum to work with most TV-Sets, Video-Monitors and with help of a VGA-Box it can be even connected to a PC-VGA-Monitor.


So as there is a strong video-signal needed we invented this small circuit. It is easily to solder, just 3 wires need to be connected in the Spectrum and you have a brilliant signal.


We also offer to assist you find a technican to help you and build in this circuit if you are afraid to make it yourself. Further we can offer you Video-cable or VGA-Box. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write us.