USB Adapter for DB9 Joysticks (suitable for ArcadeR Joysticks etc on PCs)

Item number VAR7062

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You can play Retro games on your PC, but without the real Retro Joysticks you miss the total "retro feeling".

We offer this DB9 to USB Adapter. Now you can connect your old joysticks or our new "ArcadeR" Joystick to your PC / Computer. There is nothing else you need to do, just plug and play and enjoy that "total retro feeling" in your PC Emulator.

Works with Windows, Linux, Mac OS and Retropie.

Two joysticks can be connected with one USB Adapter.

  • Converts old DB9 joysticks into a USB joystick
  • Supports two players/joysticks simultaneously
  • Compatible with all common operating systems (Windows, MacOS and Linux) and Raspberry Pi