Sinclair ZX Spectrum 48k

Item number VAR1765

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Still a classic after 30 years.

In the year 1982 the Spectrum saw the first time the light of day moved out from Cambridge to conquer the world. Not only it is the most sucsessfull euroean computer of all time, but also it was cloned uncounted times. Clones you can find in Brazil, India, USA, Serbia, Russia, Slowakia, Rumania and probably in many more countries.

The simple structure made it possible that many who are today professional programmers, once easily started to understand how a computer works. Although the graphic and sound possibilities are limited, it is always astonishing what can be done with Sinclairs black box.

The Spectrum started to get produced by Sinclair and later by Amstrad. This is one of the first models with 48k Kilobyte and rubber-keys. It comes with power supply, RF-cable and a cablet to connect a tape recorder. Usually we add also some free software in the parcel. The computer is in absolutely working condition. It is not boxed and new, it is 30 years old, but therefore in really good shape, like all computers sold by us.

We have a lot of accessories, software and spare parts. Please ask us.