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Sinclair ZX Spectrum +3

Item number VAR1761

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ZX Spectrum +3 with Disk drive, complete and checked

The Spectrum +3 is the first Spectrum machine with built in 3 inch Diskdrive. Amstrad produced it after the takeover of the Spectrum production. This is a used item with but in absolutely good condition.

Further datas:

- 128k Memory
- 3 channel AY Soundchip
- Joystick Ports (2x Sinclair), Keypad and Midi possible
- Port for second disk drive (we also well disk media)
- carefully checked and in fully working condition

The machines is made for the UK market. There is picture on all PAL-TV, but outside UK you won´t get the sound. But you can use the sound-output port. The machine comes with all cables and powersupply. There is no manual included, but can be downloaded in the internet, for example WORLD OF SPECTRUM.