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Sinclair ZX Spectrum +2 (grey)

Item number VAR1764

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ZX Spectrum +2 (grey)

checked and complete

This computer is the first Spectrum with built in tape recorder and joystick ports. This computer is the direct successor of the Spectrum 128 and have the same compatibility. Many say this is the best Spectrum of all...

  • 128 k Memory
  • AY 3-channel soundchip
  • Good keyboard
  • no overheating problems like the Spectrum 128
  • Ports for Joysticks, Keypad, Midi, Sound
  • built in tape recorder

The machine comes complete with all cables and power supply. It is in good optical shape, used but without any broken items. There is no manual included, but can be downloaded in the internet, for example from WORLD OF SPECTRUM.