Sinclair ZX Spectrum External PS/2 (USB) Keyboard Interface / Adapter

Item number VAR1770

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This is an Interface / Adapter to enable External Keyboards to be used with the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.

It enables PS/2 / AT Keyboards to be plugged in to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum. It is compatible with the original Rubber Key 16K & 48K and the later Hard Keyed 48K+.

With a PS/2 / AT to USB Adapter (which is supplied) you can also use USB Keyboards. Not every USB keyboard will work, as there are differences which makes them incompatible. The simpler & more basic the USB keyboard, the more likely it will work fine.

When this adapter is connected, you cannot use the regular Spectrum keyboard.

It connects to the standard Rear Port on the Sinclair ZX Spectrum rear port and has a through port to enable additional devices to still be connected.

Attention: The previous model used !RDFE signal ( RD, A0, IORQ from the Z80 processor). The jumper 0R is preset like this (right). Tests have shown that sometimes it is better to use the IOULA signal, so the jumper must be set to the left.

Technical details:

  • NoWait version
  • Additional buttons F11,F12
  • Reset - PrScr
  • CapsShift - Shift (works really as on PC!)
  • SymbolShift - Ctrl
  • NumLock changes cursor keys and space to Sinclair Joystick 2