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Replacement Laser KEM400AAA with Frame for Sony Playstation 3 PS3

Item number VAR2919

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This listing is for a replacement Laser with Frame & Motor for the Sony Playstation 3 PS3.

There are two different lasers for the PS3:
- KEM400AAA (this listing) is for the older devices
- KEM410ACA is for more recent devices (which we also sell)

Please be careful to identify which laser your PS3 uses. On the one side of the laser is KES-400A (which is this listing, KEM400AAA is the name for the entire drive, including this laser). On the metal frame of the drive, just behind the spindle motor, should also be located on a sticker identification with KEM-400AAA.

In the newer drives there is nothing on the laser, this clearly distinguishes it by a large metal cover from the older laser on the metal of the drive is notched relative to the spindle motor KEM 410ACA.

Please note the sensitivity of the laser. Avoid static electricity. Use an anti-static mat when working with it. Use rubber gloves and ground the PS3 prior to installation. Screwdriver should be well grounded before use.