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Stickers of 48K Sinclair ZX Spectrum for use on Spectrum +2 / PC Emulator etc

Item number VAR2216

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Do you have a Spectrum +2 or +3 and are missing the 48K keyword legends?, or you are using a PC with Spectrum Emulator?, or you use a PROFACE PC keyboard interface with the Spectrum and need the 48K keywords?

In 48k mode all Spectrums and Emulators have the function to print a whole keyword when pressing just one key. These keywords are printed on the original 48k Spectrums (and later the 128k), but not on +2, +3 or PC keyboards. These stickers will solve the problem of trying all keys in order to find the right keyword.

The stickers are already cut and should fit on every keyboard. They are self adhesive and won´t lose their colour. They are exellent quality.