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Replacement KES 490-A Laser for Playstation 4 / PS4

Item number VAR4086

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If your Blu Ray or DVD's are not reading correctly then it is likely that the Laser Unit needs to be replaced.

This is a direct replacement laser. Unfortunately there are several models of PS4 on the market that use different lasers. Currently the only way we know to identify the laser you have is by opening the console.

This listing is for the KES490-A Laser.

It is typically found in these PS4 models:
  • CUH-1001A
  • CUH-1000A
  • CUH-1002A
  • CUH-1003A
  • CUH-1004A
  • CUH-1005A
  • CUH-1006A
  • CUH-1007A
  • CUH-1008A
  • CUH-1011A
  • CUH-1115A
  • CUH-1116A
Please make sure your circuit board is model BDP-020 or BDP-025 before you buy this laser.

We also have the KES860-A.