Headphone Jack/Socket & Flex Cable for iPod Video/Classic 5th/6th Gen Black

Item number VAR2891

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Headphone Port in White with Flex Cable for the following Apple iPod 'Fat' Models (approximately 0.53 inches thick):

iPod 5G (Video) 60GB model no. A1238: 2005-10             
iPod 5G (Video) 80GB model no. A1238: 2006-09            
iPod 6G (Classic) 160GB model no. A1238: 2007-09

If you are unsure as to whether this is the correct part for your iPod, please contact us for advice.

We also stock this item with a White Headphone Socket, as well as the equivalent items for other iPod 5G / 6G models. Please see our other listings.