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Cooling Fan compatible to PS4 Pro CUH-7016B CUH-7116B CUH-7216B

Item number VAR6699

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Do you have a problem with the cooling of your Playstation? Here you get a new cooling fan.

suitable for the following models:

Ps4 Pro CUH-7000B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7001B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7002B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7003B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7004B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7005B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7006B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7007B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7008B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7009B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7011B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7015B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7016B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7100B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7101B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7102B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7103B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7104B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7105B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7106B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7107B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7108B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7109B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7111B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7115B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7116B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7200B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7201B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7202B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7203B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7204B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7205B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7206B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7207B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7208B

Ps4-Pro CUH-7209B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7211B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7215B

Ps4 Pro CUH-7216B

For PS4 Pro