Docking station with cooling fans and controller charging function suitable for Playstation 5 PS5

Item number VAR7079

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The best vertical mounts for your PS5. 

The docking station not only stores your PS5, it can also charge the controllers at the same time. A total of 7 ports are available for the two standard and other controllers or accessories. Centrally on the station, you can monitor the charging status by means of corresponding indicator lights. At the same time, the station additionally cools your PS5 via the built-in cooler, so that nothing stands in the way of long hot gaming nights.

Everything has its place, is tidy and protected. 

- High-speed charging function, 2.5-3 hours for the controller

- 2 fans keep the PS5 cool

- Holds console, headset, 15 games, remote and controller

- USB and USB-C charging ports