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Plus D Lite (+D) Disc interface with case

Item number VAR2238

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Back again! The most spread disk interface for the Spectrum now have its clone.

Once the +D was followed the DISCIPLE out of the Miles Gordon Technology (MGT) range of products. Later DATEL took over the distribution. The Plus D is very easy to use and therefore was fast a sucsess. Usually you use it with one or two 3,5" drives. After booting from a start-disk, programs can be LOADed or SAVEd on disk. With a snapshort-button, programs can be easily transfered from tape to disk. Of course also copy-programs are available.


We offer you here the full working interface with case. It have the following featurese:

– An integrated Kempston joystick port (new feature,not in the original Plus D)
– RESET button (new feature, not in the original Plus D)
– NMI (snapshot) button!

We supply each interface with System-Disk (3,5") and instructions. So all you need then to start is a floppy drive.

We also can offer you usable floppy drives. A modern style is it to use the HxC Floppy Emulator instead a drive. By this you can save to SD-Card. We also can supply you with cables for the drives, power supply or if you are interested the HxC Floppy Emulator. Please ask us before buying to get a really startup-set how you need it.