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CF/IDE Adapter, Single, IDE-Port 2,5Zoll weiblich/female

Item number VAR3137

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CF (Compact Flash) to IDE 2,5"Adapter, female

With this adapter you can use the Compact Flash card as a hard disk. The adapter has a female IDE bus so he can be directly plugged into the IDE connector.

Please note that this is a 2.5 "IDE connector is, standard PC's have 3.5" but as the A600 uses this format.

You can thus replace the hard drive with a CF card.

Product information:

  • mini 44-pin IDE female / 2,5"IDE hard drive connector
  • supports Compact Flash cards Typ I/II and MicroDrives
  • Size (LxBxH) 32x10x53 mm for 44-pin IDE