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Battery Pack 3600 mAh for PSP

Item number VAR3030

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When `s once again takes longer ...

Fun without limits on long trips? Or is the old battery flabby?

You will receive a replacement battery for the PSP1000er series, lithium 3.6 V and 3600 mAh, (not for PSP SLIM 2000). This battery provides double the performance compared to your old one.

It is a rechargeable lithium battery. Is it possible to recharge these may no longer those not in the trash. Batteries may contain pollutants that can harm the environment and health. Please enter from the batteries / battery in the trade or to the recycling centers of the municipalities. The return is mandatory for free and legally. Please submit only discharged batteries stuck in the containers provided and from the poles with lithium batteries. All batteries are recycled. Thus gain valuable commodities such as iron, zinc or nickel back. Battery recycling is the lightest environmental practice in the world. Thank you for your participation.