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Mini AV Composite to HDMI Converter (1080P)

Item number VAR3348

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You want to attach a game console, a home computer, a video recorder or a DVD player with video exit to a HDMI television? We have the correct for you: HDMI Scaler uses Composite video input and converts it into HDMI signal (720 or 1080p). So older devices can be integrated into a modern system. 

Please inform before the purchase exactly about the output signals of your equipment. At many devices it concerns with the video exit a yellow marked Cinch socket. Other devices (like the Sinclair Spectrum) have the signal on the RGB socket (128k) and/or to need a further adapter (48k, +2A, +3).

- Converts (UP-scale) Composite video to full hp 1080p;

- HDMI output can alternatively be 720P/60Hz or 1080P/60Hz;

- NTSC and PAL are recognized automatically and adjusted;

In the package are power pack and English instructions. Please ask if you have any questions.