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RGB Scart TV cable (real 23 Pin connector) with extra sound input for Commodore Amiga

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With this cable you can connect your Amiga on usual TV (CRT or LCD) or monitor with Scart-Input.As there is no sound output at the RGB socket of the AMIGA, two RCA connections are responsible for the sound.

We produced this cable using real 23DB Pin connections, not like usual using cutted 25DB Pin connections. Each cable is handmade and prooved. The lenght of the cable is app. 1,5 m

Usable on the following Amiga models:

  • Amiga 500/500+

  • Amiga 600

  • Amiga 1200

  • Amiga 1000

  • Amiga 2000

  • Amiga 4000

  • Amiga 3000