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HDMI cable with optical output for Xbox360

Item number VAR3128

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HDMI cable with optical output for Xbox360

This HDMI cable set consists of two parts:

A HDMI-cable and an adapter to convert the sound for optical output. So you can not only only use the HDMI output, put also directly connect your Hifi to the Adapter for best sound quality using the digital in or just using a the standard cinch connector which is offered by the adapter as well.

The Xbox 360 HDMI cable is 6 feets long.


Where to use the Xbox 360 HDMI cable?

The Xbox360 HDMI cable with optical output can only be used on Xbox360 machines with HDMI output. If your Xbox360 doesn´t have an HDMI output or your TV (Beamer etc.) doesn´t have HDMI input, there is no reason to buy this cable.


How to use the XBOX 360 HDMI cable?

You connect the Xbox 360 HDMI cable to your Xbox 360 and to your TV with HDMI port. Now switch your TV to HDMI and switch on the Xbox 360. The Xbox 360 now switches automatically to HDMI output and the picture appears on your screen.

To use the optical output, you must switch the Xbox 360 audio to "Multiport" in the preferences.


We recommend the Xbox 360 HDMI cable with optical output if you want play with high resolution and best sound.


If you have any questions, we happily will answer them.