Wii D3-2 Drive

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Got problems with your Wii console? It doesn´t load the games anymore properly? The reason might be a broken drive.

Here we offer you a Wii-Drive. This drive is original and prooved. It can be exchanged with any other version of drive in the Wii. All Wii drives are exchangable with each other.

These D3-2 drives are so beloved because it´s the newest drive before Nintendo started to build in much smaller drives. Older drives like D2B,D2C etc. are easier to mod, but they are simply older.

The drives have been taken from Wii-consoles that have been retourned to the manufacturer. The reason for returning the Wii´s were for example scratches in the surface or other things that don´t have anything to do with the drive. Of course the drive circuit board is included.

All drives have been prooved and found without errors.

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