AV Composite and S-Video to HDMI Converter 1080P

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You want to attach a game console, a home computer, a video recorder or a DVD player with video exit to a HDMI television? We have the correct for you: HDMI Scaler used either S-video or Composite video and converts it into HDMI signal (720 or 1080p). So older devices can be integrated into a modern system. With modern "Color Eye" Technology, this device improves picture qualtiy, you get a more colourfull and sharper picture. Also the sound gets improved.

Please inform before the purchase exactly about the output signals of your equipment. At many devices it concerns with the video exit a yellow marked Cinch socket. Other devices like f.e. the Sinclair Spectrum have the signal on the RGB socket (128k) and/or to need a further adapter (48k, +2A, +3).


We inform you gladly.


- Converts (UP-scale) Composite video or S-video to zufull hp 1080p;

- "Color Eye" Technology improves video and audio output

- HDMI output can alternatively be 720P/60Hz or 1080P/60Hz;

- NTSC and PAL are recognized automatically and adjusted;

- Composite video and S-video can be attached both and select over button;

- Autostorage of the input and output attitudes;

- Audio entrance socket for Composite video and S-video.


In the package are power pack and English guidance.

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